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Honeywell 4850dr 1D / 2D handfree scanner

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    Honeywell 4850dr, 2D, USB, Kit (USB), schwarz Dokumentscanner, 2D, Imager, Anschluß: USB, IP40, inkl.: Kabel (USB), Standfuß, Farbe: schwarz Garantie: 24 Monat Special article: no cancellation or return possible
    excl. 479,00 € Incl. 579,59 €

    Unser Lager: Geen voorraad
    Honeywell 4850dr, 2D, USB, schwarz Dokumentscanner, 2D, Imager, Anschluß: USB, IP40, separat bestellen: Schnittstellenkabel, Standfuß, Farbe: schwarz Garantie: 24 Monat Special article: no cancellation or return possible
    excl. 399,00 € Incl. 482,79 €

    Unser Lager: Geen voorraad

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honeywel 4850dr Document Reader

Looking to streamline recordkeeping? The 4850dr is a fully-featured document imager designed to digitize paper documents for simple and efficient paperless processing, storage and retrieval. Unlike traditional document scanners, the 4850dr has no moving parts, requires no regular maintenance, scans barcodes, and comes with a superior three-year warranty.

4850dr Document Reader Features and Benefits

Purpose-Built for Document Imaging: Imager, stand and document tray work together as an integrated document imaging solution and eliminate the need for adjustment due to varying document sizes.
Versatile Document Imaging Performance: Adaptus Imaging Technology captures documents up to U.S. letter (8.5x11 in) or A4 size, and specialized white illumination ensures crisp images regardless of document or font color.
Durable & Reliable Technology: Solid-state components with no moving parts, backed by a three-year comprehensive warranty.
Broad Connectivity Options: Supports TWAIN, SANE, and USB drivers, each with the imaging SDK library pre-loaded.
Barcode Scanning Functionality: Provides the added flexibility of scanning linear, stacked, and 2D bar codes, eliminating the need for purchasing a standalone barcode scanner.
Integrated Image Enhancement & Processing Tools: Tools to adjust captured images, including sharpening, contrast and digital zoom. A full range of automatic and selectable file compression options. 


Technology Imager-Scanner
Mobileprinter Nein
Keyboard Nicht zutreffend
Follower Nicht zutreffend
Ready quality Nicht zutreffend
Parcelware Nein
Type Scanner Cord
Modellen Nicht zutreffend
Touch technology Nicht zutreffend
Aantal licenties Nicht zutreffend
Extra opties Nicht zutreffend
Warranty Nicht zutreffend
Quality DPI Nicht zutreffend
Box Nicht zutreffend
Connacting Port Nicht zutreffend
Label Width Nicht zutreffend
Optionen Nicht zutreffend
Printer type Nicht zutreffend
Manufacturer Honeywell
Operation OS Nicht zutreffend
Color Nicht zutreffend
Printing TEC Nicht zutreffend

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