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Honeywell SD62 Radio data transmission 7 Bluetooth

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    Honeywell SD62 Bluetooth-Basisstation SD62 Bluetooth-Basisstation, Multi-Interface(USB, KBW, RS232), für bis zu 7 Scanner, IP53, bitte separat bestellen: Schnittstellenkabel, Netzteil, Netzkabel Garantie: 12 Monat Special article: no cancellation or return possible!
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    Honeywell SD62 Bluetooth-Basisstation, USB Kit SD62 Bluetooth-Basisstation, Multi-Interface(USB, KBW, RS232), für bis zu 7 Scanner, IP53, inkl.: USB Kabel, bitte separat bestellen: Netzteil, Netzkabel Garantie: 12 Monat
    excl. 174,00 € Incl. 210,54 €

    Unser Lager: Geen voorraad

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The Bluetooth base station honeywell SD62 from Honeywell simplifies maintenance of additional wireless scanners. Connect up to seven Honeywell radio scanners very easily to the compact station, so that all scanners communicate with the same PC, printer, etc. On the top of the base station is a linear barcode. A simple scan of this barcode with the corresponding radio scanner creates the connection, as well as disconnects. This greatly reduces maintenance efforts. The independent configuration of the individual scanners increases operational flexibility.

Within a range of 300 m of the base station users enjoy a high degree of flexibility with the SD62. Should the signal be lost, the scanner will emit an acoustic, optical and/or haptic signal. It automatically reconnects once it is again within the range. When connecting the SD62 base station enjoy the large versatility of host interfaces (keyboard wedge, USB, RS232). The robust housing (IP53-certified) guarantees high reliability, even in industrial surroundings.

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Mobileprinter Nein
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Manufacturer Honeywell
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