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Honeywell Youjie HF600 2D presentation scanner

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    YJ HF600-0-2USB
    Honeywell Youjie HF600, 2D, Multi-IF, Kit (USB), weiß Präsentationsscanner, Retail, 2D, Imager, 0-33,4cm Leseabstand, Multi Interface (RS-232, KBW, USB), inkl.: Kabel (USB), Farbe: weiß Garantie: 12 Monat
    excl. 139,00 € Incl. 168,19 €

    Unser Lager: Geen voorraad
    YJ HF600-1-2USB
    Honeywell Youjie HF600, 2D, Multi-IF, Kit (USB), schwarz Präsentationsscanner, Retail, 2D, Imager, 0-33,4cm Leseabstand, Multi Interface (RS-232, KBW, USB), inkl.: Kabel (USB), Farbe: schwarz Garantie: 12 Monat
    excl. 125,00 € Incl. 151,25 €

    Unser Lager: Wel voorraad

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Honeywell Youjie HF600 The 2D presentation scanner is highly functional and has an excellent price-performance ratio. Thanks to its extremely large window with a diameter of 80 mm, the compact area imager reads all standard 1D and 2D barcodes, even from a very large angle, quickly and reliably – fantastic for counter applications in pharmacies, boutiques and smaller supermarkets. The clever area imaging engine can be adjusted in its sensitivity at the push of a button and is therefore ideal for reading and collecting printed barcodes, as well as recognizing discount and special offer codes, as well as electronic customer cards from smartphone displays.

For the best possible operation, change the presentation scanner's angle, three positions are available. The automatic energy-saving mode starts as soon as the barcode scanner is not used for a while. This extends its lifetime, protects the environment and saves money. The Youjie HF600 can be used with all connections, such as USB, RS232 and a keyboard wedge in one device, meaning it is flexible in transferring data.

Technology Nicht zutreffend
Mobileprinter Nein
Keyboard Nein
Follower Nicht zutreffend
Ready quality Nicht zutreffend
Parcelware Nein
Type Scanner Presentation
Modellen Nein
Touch technology Nein
Aantal licenties Nein
Extra opties Nein
Warranty Nein
Quality DPI Nicht zutreffend
Box Nicht zutreffend
Connacting Port Nicht zutreffend
Label Width Nicht zutreffend
Optionen Nicht zutreffend
Printer type Nicht zutreffend
Manufacturer Honeywell
Operation OS Nein
Color Nicht zutreffend
Printing TEC Nicht zutreffend

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