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Newland NQuire Tab 4.0 tablet P.O.S

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    Newland NQuire Tab 4.0, 2D CMOS Scanner Tab for iPad 4.0 Incl. Newland EM3070 2D Scan engine & Magnetic Card Reader and additional *BT* module. Warranty: 12 months
    excl. 250,00 € Incl. 302,50 €

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    NQUIRE TAB 4.0
    Newland NQuire Tab 4.0, 2D CMOS Scanner Tab for iPad 4.0 Incl. Newland EM3070 2D Scan engine & Magnetic Card Reader. Warranty: 12 months
    excl. 220,00 € Incl. 266,20 €

    Unser Lager: Geen voorraad

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Newland is proud to present yet another great scanning solution for Kiosk / P.O.S. retail environments. Newland NQuire TAB 4.0 is a tab-on barcode scanner that allows you to convert your iPad 4 into a powerful Kiosk / P.O.S. solution in no-time! Scan various 1D and 2D barcoded items with your iPad easily. The tab includes one of Newland’s most powerful 2D scan engines, the EM3070, which can decode all 1D symbologies and major 2D barcodes: In addition, it has a 3-track MSR (Magnetic card Reader). The product’s functionality can be further extended with practical and value for money options like: a secure MCR, RFID card reader or a Bluetooth module. Newland’s NQuire TAB 4.0 has a very compact and durable tab-on protective casing with a changeable Vesa mounting bracket so the unit can be used in landscape or portrait position.

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Manufacturer Newland
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